Check out these testimonials from my clients, names have been abbreviated to protect the identities and confidentiality.

“A grateful thanks ”   –  “Dear Jo A grateful thanks to you and your skills in guiding me through my difficult times. I will always be obliged to you and your professionalism. Kind regards – NM

“Jo has unlocked a new side of myself..” –  “Jo has been incremental in enabling me to move forward at a difficult stage of my life. She delivers uniquely intuitive, empathic & confidential counselling skills in a safe and secure environment. She has an innate ability to tease things out of me I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else (at first!). Working with Jo has unlocked a new side of myself I am learning to like very much, it feels a little like understanding a foreign language and is very enlightening. I cannot thank her enough for helping me.

“She helped me..” –  “I cannot recommend Jo highly enough. She helped me though a very difficult time and gave me the tools to deal with the tough times that life can throw at you. If you are considering counselling/therapy, Jo will make you feel at ease. I laughed and cried during my sessions and discovered my self worth again! Thank you! – JR

“Value myself..” – “Hi Jo,  Just a quick email to say thank you so much for all your help and support over the last few months. You really helped me to help myself, so that I feel more confident in myself, and in my own choices and beliefs. You have helped me realise how important it is to value myself and limit the self-criticism, and I always felt like I was listened to and that my feelings were valid. I appreciate everything you have done!  With very best wishes,  – ER

“Renewed sense of self worth..” – “Jo provided an excellent service which has helped me to deal with some uncomfortable issues and move forward in my life with optimism and confidence, and a renewed sense of self worth. Many thanks. M.

” I have enjoyed my sessions with Jo..” – “The counselling I had was very much needed and I received the proper help throughout but not only just for or IN my session but help was given above and beyond. I have enjoyed my sessions with Jo – thanks for everything.”  TR.

“my recommendation of seeking help from Jo..”  – “I read this back to myself with water filling my eyes-but with a smile! I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life and I am thankful that it was with you. After going through a very difficult time I found myself struggling to cope with certain aspects of my life which were causing me a lot of anxiety. Eventually, I sought to seek help through therapy. I will admit that I was a little sceptical at the outset of the potential benefits from counselling, particularly as I did feel a little stung from another counsellor previously that perhaps for me at the time was a little too judgemental and critical. However my experience with Jo is one that I can say honestly has changed not only my perception but my day to day life and has been nothing but the best investment in myself that I have made to date. From the very first assessment session I had with Jo, I felt secure in entrusting her with my worries. The first thing I saw at the start of each session was a friendly, inviting, warm smile which made me feel welcome and relaxed at the start of each session. We would look at problems gently and then gradually unravel a lot of underlying issues. There were times where changes took place slowly and sometimes it felt like huge changes had settled in overnight. Eventually I found myself looking forward to each session because I could see my problems diminishing and the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter. Jo enabled me to free my mind from a dark place by working professionally and most of all sensitively and for that I am truly grateful and cannot thank her enough! My advice for anyone else who is pondering on how to free yourself from a troubled mind or situation is to seek help. Yes, some sessions will feel painful however the end result will feel amazing and my recommendation of seeking help from Jo for a positive experience cannot come more strongly.”  KY.

“I feel very refreshed now ..”  – “Jo was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I’d never been to any sort of counselling before so was really nervous to go, but Jo made me feel very safe and secure whilst helping me through my issues. I feel very refreshed now and know I could easily go back and see her again if needed. Thanks Jo your ace! ”  CT.

“An amazing service..”  – “An amazing service that has changed my whole maternity experience, with lasting massive benefits. Thank you !!!”  HB.