Couples Counselling High Wycombe


Couples Counselling High Wycombe ‘Agreeing to couples counselling also known as marriage guidance demonstrates commitment’

Couples counselling – Relationship Issues

Couples counselling can benefit couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship, such as sex, finances, children, extended family and affairs.

Couples counselling can tackle relationship issues that are difficult to talk about, in a safe and neutral environment.

Couples counselling can be difficult

Often couples counselling can be more difficult than individual counselling, because each party may want the counsellor to be on their side.  However, the nature of couples counselling, requires the counsellor to be wholly impartial.  As a couples counsellor, it is my responsibility to ensure that both parties get equal understanding, attention and time.

Seeking a Marriage guidance counsellor, could be viewed, as investing in your relationship.  Agreeing to participate in relationship counselling, gives both parties evidence of caring and commitment.


I work with your relationship as the ‘client’, towards better understanding of each others in-securities, hurts and desires.  Communication of love, plays a big part in how much we feel loved.  Using your partners love language, to demonstrate your feelings, enables them to easily interpret what is meant.

Getting your needs met!

I integrate Emotional Focused Therapy in couples counselling, this model is built on person centered and attachment theory.  This allows couples to unveil needs and emotions that have been unmet.  This enables couples communicate their needs and wants effectively in order to get them met.

Plotting the couple’s joint family tree can reveal significant life events.  This provides an opportunity for each partner to understand, where some of the ideas and rules for their relationship come from.  Assisting each partner to gain insight and understand each others feelings and emotions.

Sometimes, painful memories or situations are denied, ignored or buried.  Uncovering implicit areas and examining them together alleviates the power they hold and this provides a ‘model’ for deeper and real communication and honesty.

I offer  a complimentary initial session, from my comfortable private counselling room in Hazlemere.  Situated near to High Wycombe, which is close to Amersham and  Chesham.  Great Missenden, Penn, Downley, and Holmer Green are also within a short distance.

Give me a call or email to book your session.   Sessions are charged at £70 per hour.   Couples Counselling High Wycombe