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The power of vulnerability

Often the biggest stumbling block to having successful relationships is our inhibition of sharing our own vulnerability.  Overcoming this hurdle opens up a whole new world and experience.  This is an interesting story of how one woman research helped her discover the healing journey from head to heart.



Mindfullness  – can help stop ruminating thoughts, it is a discipline that practiced faithfully can be tremendously effective.  The only way to change things in your life is to make changes and learning the art of mindfulness can be one of the best ways to achieve these changes especially if you spend a good deal of your time in outer space thinking and worrying over the same problem.  This not only leaves little room for concentrating on other important areas of your life, but robs you of precious time with family and friends.

01 Introduction

02 Thinking and awareness

03 The only moment we have

04 What is mindfulness

05 Mindfulness of the Breath and Body

06 Mindfulness of Sounds and Thought

07 Mind & Heart